Regeneration and Renewal

Clayton O. Hall

Hi Colleagues:

I have served the Jamaica Teachers’ Association all my professional life. This ranges from my post as Assistant Sports Coordinator of the St. Georges District where we set the foundations to ensure that Portland improved from thirteenth to winning the title to my current post as Chairman of the Public Relations Committee where we are implementing the membership database to ensure that the Association becomes more accessible to you the members.

This record of service has increased my resolve to do all I can to improve the relevance and effectiveness of this our professional organization as well as to ensure that as professionals we make our voices heard on issues that affect the educational, social and emotional development of the children in our charge. I therefore offer myself to serve as your president elect for the year 2010 to 2011.

My vision is to enhance the communications capabilities of the association to reflect 21st Century customer service modalities. My vision is the repositioning of the JTA as a repository of policy on education and a professional voice in all things education. I aim to provide teachers a forum for the ventilation of best practices and plans which will be documented and copyrighted to protect our intellectual property. My vision can be captured in the following theme: Regeneration and Renewal: Learning from the past, Preparing for the future.

Thus, I seek your support on a platform to include the following among other priorities:

  • Ensure that licensing if supported becomes the responsibility of the professional organization as obtains internationally and in many other local professional areas.
  • To make clear and remain steadfast in our demand for funds owed as per our contract.
  • To ensure that our remuneration remains at 80% of private sector levels.
  • To agitate for the creation and staffing of special education units in clusters island-wide.
  • Promote a positive image of teachers and teaching.
  • To seek a speedy implementation of the residential time-out centers.
  • To continue to unite and serve Jamaica’s teachers.


Clayton Hall


One Response to “Regeneration and Renewal”

  1. Kerry D. Blake Says:

    Blessing my brother this is what we call living the dream. The dream of a Mico Man. I must say your platform is one of substance and i do hope in your ruling i hope you acheive some of your targets. i would love to give you any support you need to help you to acheive some of these goals they are big but important and reachable. So Clayton as Mico man to another Go fort and leader and help to shape the future of our nation.

    kerry daine

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